Turmeric Chai Creamed Honey - Euro Style

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Our Turmeric Chai Creamed Honey- Euro Style is quickly becoming our number one seller. Who doesn't love a beautiful chai made of cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, and laced with turmeric? Folks are stunned by its depth of flavor! In typical "Euro fashion," it has never been heated or overly filtered.

A classic Ayurvedic golden chai, it is delicious and holistic all at the same time. Add a scoop to hot tea and milk for a fabulous Chai Latte or drizzle or as a dip for fresh apple slices. Drizzle it slightly warmed over your favorite vanilla ice cream. We love it by the spoonful to ward off colds and inflammation.  Folks are amazed at this product. Consider buying two! An easy and unique gift!
You can thank us later. Keep at room temperature. 12oz glass container.

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