Lazy Goat Studio lemon creamed honey raw honey in a 12oz glass container.
A 12oz glass jar of Lazy Goat Studio Lemon Creamed Honey. All raw honey.

Crafted by Bees with Impeccable Taste!

Infused Raw Honeys

Honey Infusions that Delight the Senses

Created with Palate Rich Ingredients from around the World

Original enzymes and micronutrients still retained

Recipe Ready

Unique Creamed & Infused Honey

Whenever you purchase a Lazy Goat Studio™ product, you are supporting a community that aspires to conserve and connect our local ecosystems. And you become a donor to each healthy hive and each loving goat.

Everything Starts with Our Bees & Honey

Black Pepper Creamed Honey, Kinni Select (non flavored) Creamed Honey, Dark Chocolate Creamed Honey, Turmeric Chai Creamed Honey and Lemon Creamed Honey.  All creamed honeys are totally Raw and come in a glass 12oz container, ready for your enjoyment.  Keep at room temperature.

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