Everything Starts With Our Bees & Honey

 Raw Basswood Honey

Honey enthusiasts rave about the delicate complexities of Basswood honey with it's slightly acidic finish and light floral scent. At Lazy Goat Studio, we are very fortunate for our bees to access many of the ancient Basswood Trees that grow in the Kinnickinnic River Valley. And we have planted many specific trees, shrubs and perennials to enhance the bees available forage since Basswood trees are known to only have an abundant crop of nectar every two or three years. Unfortunately many of the old trees are disappearing with farmers ripping out old fence lines and the advancement of urban growth.

Golden honey being poured during extraction.

Stewardship is the key. We will continue to plant for the future and support those like minded groups and citizens working towards the same goal. So although our honey is not 100% Basswood, the blend of the Basswood and the additional nectar creates an unique flavor profile that has become our calling card.

How do we make creamed Honey?

We intentionally extract the honey with old fashioned methods and antique machinery in an effort to protect the quality of the micronutrients and enzyme rich propolis of raw honey. We then infuse it with unique mouth watering flavors and delicate herbs and begin the creaming process. Each Creamed or Infused Honey has a distinct process, but overall our methods require a minimum of two to three weeks to develop a full flavor profile and create that smooth and silky texture everyone loves.

Spoon it, drizzle it or spread it…

Our Turmeric Chai creamed honey combines turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom.These honeys are perfect for hot beverages, biscuits, soft cheeses, tantalizing vinaigrettes, unique cocktails or just by the spoonful!

Creamed and Infused honey will last forever at room temperature and be long gone before you need to worry. The Infused varieties will eventually change into a solid form (natural crystallization) but still be perfectly tasty and useable. The liquid honey can be rewarmed, if that is your preference, by warming very slowly in a pan of hot water.

Try the Kinni Select (unflavored creamed honey), our tart Lemon Creamed Honey, the decadent Dark Chocolate Creamed Honey, the holistic Turmeric Chai Creamed Honey, or the savory Black Pepper Creamed Honey!  And of course, don't forget our simple raw honey in beautiful gift containers.