The Story of Lazy Goat Studio

Stewardship is Our Story 


Located on the Kinnickinnic River, a Class 1 trout stream in northwestern Wisconsin, Lazy Goat Studio™ started as a simple desire to raise Happy Honey Bees in the beautiful valley.

Following years of hive loss (an average of 70% of bee hives are lost nationally
Honeybee on an Allium Flower.each year due to lack of forage, pesticide and disease), we dreamed of improving the lives of these wonderful creatures by developing unparalleled habitats of bee specific forage. We began to raise our own Queens developing hardier more adaptable bees to survive  the cold and extended winters of Wisconsin. And we concentrated on shoreline restoration, elimination of invasive plants and the planting hundreds of specific annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees to provide nectar, pollen and resin needed by pollinators. 
Crew removing honey supers from Bee Hives.

Finally we began to turn the corner and then realized... we had room for more. So Mini Nubian Dairy Goats, with their wonderful personalities, crazy antics and rich delicious milk were added to the mix. Now we wouldn’t know what to do without them! 


Kissing a baby goat.

We see Stewardship of these creatures and the fragile ecosystems they call home as our number one commitment. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality honey, beeswax candles and skin care possible. All our products are developed in our studio, sourced from our bees and goats or resourced from other local Beekeepers that share our values and passion for Stewardship. Lazy Goat Studio
products are free of the toxic additives, phthalates, parabens, and nasty preservatives found in the majority of goods in the marketplace. 
The Crew is extracting honey.
Starting slowly, we have created a unique line of Creamed & Infused Raw Honeys that have  developed a bit of a cult following. Who doesn’t love tantalizing flavor combinations creamed with beautiful honey? Healthy, holistic and delicious, they are all winners! 

And consider our 100% Beeswax Candles using only natural beeswax, crafted by hand in our studio, completely lead, phthalate and paraben free. Many are loving our new “Scents from the Hive “ series, a collection of scented beeswax inspired by the flowers that bees forage and designed as a healthy alternative to the many toxic soy and paraffin candles found on so many shelves. 

Natural skin care is our latest development. Using our Beeswax as a base, we offer a Calendula Herbal Healing Salve made with eight different herbal infusions and a Plantain Herbal Drawing Salve which focuses on the power of herbs to “draw out” inflammation. Soon a number of goat milk skin care products will be available. Goat milk from our own herd with all the amazing qualities it has to offer.


Whenever you purchase a Lazy Goat Studio product you are supporting a community that believes in and takes action to conserve, protect and connect our local ecosystems. And you become a donor to each healthy hive and each loving goat. 

Where Happy Bees Frolic with Lazy Goats!