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Kini Select Creamed Honey- Euro Style is where it all began, our simple yet incredibly flavorful raw Basswood honey. In Euro fashion, it is creamed and raw- meaning it has never been over heated or heavily filtered - silky and smooth in texture.  No added ingredients. Basswood honey is known for notes of mint, thyme and grass with a bright and buttery finish, utterly delicious. (12oz)

Raw Honey
No Preservatives
US Honey
Woman Owned Business
Our Honey
We believe honey should be raw, extracted with minimal heat and filtered only by gravity, protecting the beneficial pollen, micro-enzymes, and phytonutrients.
We are also proud to support other regional, like-minded family beekeepers that value simple and effective old-fashioned methods-filtering by gravity and the heat of August in Wisconsin, planting for pollinators, and practicing sustainable bee husbandry that includes breeding hardy northern queens to survive our winters. There's no catch here, just thoughtful Wisconsin beekeepers bringing you a taste of nature's gold.

Our Story

Our founder and Queen Bee, Melanie, started Lazy Goat Studio in 2017 with a simple and powerful love for beekeeping. A landscape architect and painter, she fell in love with honeybees and the idyllic Kinnickinnic River, a Class I trout stream with ancient basswoods and clear-running water that never freezes.

After beekeeping for a number of years, it became clear that honeybees and a vast array of native pollinators were in trouble. Melanie's initial vision was embraced and expanded by the whole Lazy Goat Studio team:

A vision for the future that focuses on protection and sustainability of delicate ecosystems, endangered by current farming practices which are destroying pollinator habitats.

By adding specific trees, shrubs, and perennials, we have been able to vastly improve the forage of pollinators, dramatically affecting entire ecosystems.
We can see firsthand how dearths of pollen and nectar are being relieved, increasing the number of pollinators and birds and rippling out to the rest of the woodlands and grasslands.


Has a delicious buttery flavor
Has a delicious buttery flavor unique to this honey. We love it. Alsopours beautifully from the tall bottle and is fun to watch. This honeydoesn't crystalize either, and is our favorite
- Juli R.
The best honey I've ever had!
- beth c.
Love it
Love it
- Denise C.