Plantain Herbal Drawing Salve

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Our Plantain Herbal Drawing Salve is designed to compliment Nature's own drawing abilities with seven herbal infusions. 

Based on an old fashioned recipe using honey, beeswax and Plantain we have updated the ingredients to include seven different herbal infusions and essential oils of fennel and rosemary.

Plantain, often thought an ugly weed, was originally brought to the new world by early immigrants as a tag along plant. Native Americans were the first to realize its great value of "drawing out" inflammation. As it's value was shared, it became indispensable  to pioneer families.

Use it to heal rashes and cuts and stop the itch of bug bites.  A favorite of outdoor enthusiasts. 

 Apply a pea sized amount and re-apply as often as needed. No preservatives, chemicals or colorants. 1.5oz tin with a twist top.

Ingredients: *Olive oil, *evening primrose oil, *avocado oil, beeswax, *sunflower oil, *babassu oil, raw honey, vitamin E, Infusions of (*Plantain leaf,*goldenrod, *cleavers,*jewelweed, *echinacea,*chickweed,*dandelion flower & leaf), *essential oils of fennel and rosemary.